About Us

We help businesses of all kinds get their workspace right.

The commercial property and fit-out industry is complex and
fractured. Navigating it can be time consuming, costly and
unfruitful. This is why we created Spaceful. We’re a single pointof-
contact for your workspace life cycle, a trusted partner to your
business saving you time and resources.

We consult on your project needs, partner with the right experts and
manage everything from planning and property to design, fit-out
and maintenance. It’s a simplified process for creating workspaces
that inspire your team, excite your clients and grow your business.

The result is a workspace that inspires your team and your
organisation can be proud of.

We’re a single point of contact for your workspace.

Whether you’re a large organisation, a co-working enterprise or a
growing business, our expertise takes the burden of time and
investment off your shoulders

Our team believes in making work a better place.

Driving Spaceful’s success are three key leaders with unparalleled
experience, knowledge and networks from decades working in the
commercial property and fit-out industry. Together with a team of
dedicated specialists, consultants and contractors, we’re able to deliver
truly unique workspaces for our clients.

Global Capability & Local Experience

Momentum office Design provides a unique capability in Australia. Since
its conception, Momentum office Design has maintained its passion for
improving working environments through ongoing dedication to product
design and quality and outstanding client service.



Momentum office Design demonstrates our support through a dedicated
team of skilled and committed people, all focussed on one outcome,
customer satisfaction.

A Shining Light

We believe in continuous improvement, making things better, pushing the boundaries, and yes to be frank, disrupting the status quo


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